The Company

We create everyday lifestyle goods inspired by honest human sentiments, reminding people to embrace all of life’s moods – good, bad and the ugly.

Jumble is for everyone. Feelings are universal, and we believe our brand should be, too. Just like we welcome all moods, we welcome all those who want to jumble with us. We believe in an unfiltered truth. We speak our minds and keep it real, reminding people to embrace all their moods.

We do not pretend we have the answers and give advice. We embrace our successes, our flaws and our failures. Together we will eyeroll, giggle, console, and try to learn from our experiences on life’s journey.


Why Jumble?

Embracing real emotions has never been more important than it is today. Wellness and realness have never been more relevant. People appreciate brands with empathy and honesty.

Less is More - We believe in a quality product but with limited choice. Avoiding an overwhelming array of products actually reduces anxiety and helps us make a purchase that we are ultimately happy with.

Consistently jumbled.
Every season, we will have a new collection of moods and an evolved approach to our Jumble & Co. designs. The intent is for the brand to always feel fresh, relatable and stylistically on-point in the eyes of our customers. And more importantly, have an honest connection with their emotions.


The Corporate Office

Nippecraft Limited (“Nippecraft”) is an established supplier of high-quality business and lifestyle stationery around the world. This includes a wide range of diaries, notebooks, organisers and other products for the office, home and school environment, under the brands Collins, Debden and Jumble & Co.

For more corporate information, please visit our parent company Nippecraft website, at